What Our Food Is All About

What Our Food Is All About

In West Texas, we’re no strangers when it comes to steaks and grills. In fact, that’s probably what Texas is most known for. At Outlaw Saloon though, we continue to try and differentiate ourselves from the rest of the competition. We specialize in what we do and offer only the highest quality ingredients from local companies in San Elizario.

One of the ways we differentiate from others is our grilled steaks. Cooking-timed to your liking, we pride ourselves in only having the highest-quality cooked steaks and rib eyes for guests, and packing flavors that punch out the simple salt and pepper mixtures you get at other restaurants.

However, we don’t just specialize in steak house hospitality, we also go into a variety of other BBQ that you could sink your teeth into on select weekends! One of our favorite foods that we offer is our burgers! We offer a variation of burger recipes that adhere to your personal likings. Whether it be our classic american cheese burger, or our quesadilla burger, we make sure our pan seared patties satisfy your taste buds from the very first bite, to the very last. What makes our burgers even more out of this world is that we use premium ground beef. Our personal favorite is having the Outlaw Burger, cooked at medium rare with extra sweet bacon jam.


Another option we offer to our guests is our tacos! Layered on top of a corn tortilla taco shell (sorry to the flour tortilla lovers), we put our marinated chicken or steak with a variety of toppings. We then put it with a side of ranch-style beans that’ll put your taste buds in a trance with how good it is! Our taco recipe is so good in fact, that it would have you questioning the Mexican food you’ve had at other places before ours.

To top everything off, we have been known to have some of the best appetizers in town. From our Billy the Kid Nachos, to our Jesse James Poppers, we offer appetizers that’ll start up an amazing meal adventure, or have it be its own meal.

The best part? Our portion sizes. With all of our great appetizers and entrees, we offer big portions that will leave you satisfied all night long. Whether it be the extra sour cream for your nachos or the portion size of the strip steaks for your Outlaw Steak Rolls, we guarantee you’ll be leaving full, satisfied, and asking for more paper towels.